It is a chemically bond technology, transforming itself on the surface to become a rigid, super-structure of Nano glass, protecting the substrate. The ceramic coating forms an exceptionally strong and durable shield, resistant to solvents, acids, alkali's, UV rays, harsh weather conditions and corrosion. We are dedicated in, ceramic coating which is a hand applied liquid polymer that bonds with the exterior paint of the vehicle and forms a shield coating with some of the brilliant features. 

Why to have ceramic coating on your dream car?


Good investment  

The coating will have tangible benefits for the new owner but the warranty is transferrable too, as the coating will permanently protect the vehicle’s exterior and interior from deteriorating and in addition to make it look new all the time & shine for a long time to enhance the resale market value of your car.

Less maintenance

The coating is so slick and resistant to chemicals that the coated surface does not allow dirt, brake dust and tar to stick to your car’s paint, wheels or glass. Washing the vehicle will become low labor intensive and will be required less frequently. 

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